19150904272_3e0a52a264_bAlways great to be back at Bury Court Barn – the caterers Jacaranda never fail to impress, and the venue are as friendly as ever… and perfectly catered for having band.  There is the dance floor area, and at the back of the barn, the bar.  It’s great for people who want to chat away from the noise of the band, or for those who want to come and get immersed in the whole live band experience itself… which was what happened on this night!  right from the first dance, people were dancing… and when it came for our break, we figured we would just keep on playing 🙂

They were a fantastic crowd – and it was great to play such a fluid set.  The whole gig was a highlight, and it’s always good to have so many appreciative words of thanks from all the guests at the very end.

Vicky and Pete were a lovely couple to deal with and a joy to watch dancing to our music.  Once again, the best job in the world, when it’s this rewarding.

Have a great honeymoon – many thanks for looking after us all!

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