A return visit to Guildford Pub, The Kings Head… and really just to give folk a chance to see us live.

We were looked after very well by Michelle and her staff, with some tasty pub food before the gig.  We started with Galway Girl, the pushed on into the set.  We had Alex joining us on keyboards, Holly on vocals and Jason on fiddle… so we were able to play the full set, ‘girl’ tracks’n’all!   The crowd were fun, warm and welcoming (we had actually played a few of the folk’s weddings and parties), so it all went too quickly.  After a brief 1 song rock out to Everlong (small room, loud drums), we continued with the disco tracks, into the 80’s and then into the 00’s and teens.  The crowd leapt around, sang out loud… and cried out for more as it hit midnight.

There were no casualties, aside from the decorative rope light we were trying out for the night – it was trodden on, and we lost a bunch or lights (not all of them though)…. back to the drawing board for that one 😉

Thanks of all the people who traveled from far and near to see us – it makes a big difference, and in the end makes us go out and get more ‘public’ gigs – just because they are top nights to play.  See y’all soon!

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