15714156062_f292010156_zCongratulations Adam and Carrie.  This was a fun wedding from the start.  First dance was Bonfire Heart by James Blunt, sung by Rollercoaster!  After that, the it all went wonderfully.  The bride and groom were never far from the dance floor, if not actually on it, which is always a nice touch.

They were largely a northern crowd, with a few from Huddersfield… which happened to be the home town of our talented fiddle player, Chris Haigh, who fiddled away, much to the delight of the watching crowd.

Final song, at the request of the happy couple, was 500 Miles, so we handed over the the friendly neighbourhood DJ, Mike.

It was a fun wedding to play – Adam and Carrie were a great couple to play for – who looked perfect on the dance floor together.  Best of luck in the future, have a great time in Mexico – thanks for looking after us!

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