9255117571_a8a0713e40_bCongratulations Rhona and Matt.
A glorious day at the very beautiful Bury Court Barn.  The food was as mouth watering as ever, thanks to Jacaranda, and the gardens looked splendid, thanks to the very attentive owner, Suzanne!

We kicked off with a Ceilidh (after the first dance which was played by the band – Don’t Stop Believing).  With 170 people to get dancing, Jason had his work cut out for him, but by the 3rd dance, they were swinging and clapping down the length of the hall… and then we played the same song again, and they continued dancing.
After that, we pushed on into the main set, which by now was running late, so we didn’t take a break, playing straight through.  The Mumford And Sons songs went down fantastically, as did, wait for it… Get Lucky.  By the end, the dance floor was packed, they were leaping around, and all was good!!  They had some great ushers, moving the crowds around, and DJing as the crowds drifted home.

Thanks for looking after us, and good luck in the future!

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