18426915799_171b47fea7_bCongratulations Lorna and Shervin.  A rainy day at Loseley, but when the sun came out, nothing could hold it back.  A great crowd, who were up for dancing, and partying to full effect.

First dance, played by the band, was Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell… which is proving to be a very popular track in 2015.  It’s a beautiful track, and was great to have Alex Keys on keyboards with us.  The guests let the happy couple dance the whole tune themselves, then everyone hit the dance floor, and the party began…. and it pretty well continued until the closing track.  They had a request list of DJ tracks, so we squeezed them all in at the end.

Fantastic crowd, with some great dancing.  Great conversations outside about Station Tyres in Farncombe… yes we really are that rock’n’roll (plus it’s the cheapest place for tyres in the area)….

Have a great time in the future, thanks for looking after us – see you all soon!

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