18587488546_3be62551e1_bCongratulations Katie and Tom.  Ramster is another favourite venue for Rollercoaster – aside from the beautiful surroundings, it is a venue that is perfect for live bands.  There is a screen that you can pull across, so the band can setup, and when the night begins, there is no sound limiter… and the hall is long enough for volume NOT to be a problem.  Basically all the important factors that go towards a top wedding reception… which is what this was!

First dance was All Of Me by John Legend.  From then on, the guests took to the dance floor, and didn’t leave (even in the break).  We played both Mumford And Sons tracks, at the request of Katie and Tom… and the crowd totally went for it.

It was a simply stunning night, with a dream crowd, who sang, danced, drank… and partied all night long.

Katie and Tom – thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future

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