20115967823_86ce0d2a87_bWe started the evening on the banks of the River Thames, from where we were picked up, with our gear, and taken over to Ravens Ait (an island in the centre of the river).  We would be using our electric drum kit, and a zone array speaker system at the venue, which isn’t the usual setup, but is becoming more common in venues with noise sensitive neighbours!

They were a good crowd – a fair proportion with Irish backgrounds… which was why we were booked with Jason on fiddle.  First dance was Goodnight Girl, played by the band, and sang by drummer Chris.  We played all the favourite Irish tunes, and before the second set, the crowd were treated to some Irish dancers.  We played the other favourites, though as expected, 500 Miles went down a storm – with everyone on the dance floor, singing back at full volume.  They were a great crowd, incredibly receptive and welcoming!

Many thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future.

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