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Chris Hughes

DRUMS / VOCALS Chris Hughes plays drums, sings, and is the technical genius behind the pre-progreammed lighting shows, and slick delivery of sequenced sounds. Previously in Redwood with Alistair, before joining Mindwire, he completes the three part vocal harmonies that you will hear throughout the live set. He also DJs between, before and after the...

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Rob Blackham

GUITAR / VOCALS On guitar and vocals is Rob, who was also in Redwood. Rob programmes and records the backing sequences that occasionally pop up within a Rollercoaster set. His experience with function and original bands is vast, with soundtrack and advertising writing credits, tours in the Middle East, session work in all genres of...

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Alistair Cowan

bass / vocals Alistair the bass player also sings and fronts the band. Having been the singer/song writer of Redwood, signed to Almo Sounds, who toured with Feeder and released two albums, he now pursues a solo career of writing and producing when he is not out playing with Rollercoaster (see www.alistaircowan.com . Radio 2 airplay, Guildford...

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