11456234803_9408e412e4_bA trek into London, and Rollercoaster were unloading into one of the capitals top venues, Cafe De Paris.  This was a corporate party for a company whose job was to provide some kind of service or product connected with education and exams ( Pearson – Always Learning ) … or so an employee told me at one point in the evening.  We hit the stage around 8.30 and pushed on into the party set.  the security guards were kpt busy ushering various over enthusiastic girls of the stage – and whole could blame them (the girls).  After a short break, we pushed on into the night, as the crowd drank, sang and danced… and once again, kept the security on their toes.

It was a great atmosphere, and after we finished, the DJ continued, and the crowds continued to drink, sing… and dance!

Thanks for looking after us, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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