18249002393_e046ddb768_bCongratulations Anna and Miles.  Anna happened to be a friend of the band from years back (when we  were playing in our original band Redwood) – though this was a total surprise to the band, as Miles had handled all the music for the wedding.  Hence it was all the more special – and lovely to see all the old faces in the crowd… like playing a home gig 😉

First dance was Green Eyes by Coldplay, played by the band… and from then on we played to a busy dance floor, with some great dancing on display!  Every now and then, a life size cutout of Miles (all in one pink lyrca suit version) would find its way towards the band… you come to expect most things playing in a wedding band.Anna hardly seem to leave the dance floor – it was great playing to all the generations present – and they were all very appreciative.

We closed with a swift version of 500 Miles at midnight, to a crowd in full celebration – with a very happy couple.

Have a great time on the honeymoon – thanks for looking after us!

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