Congratulations Vicki and James.  We had met these guys one year previous at a wedding open day at Gate Street.  One year later, and on New Years Eve, with along with fiddle player Jason Dickenson, we hit the ‘stage’ for the final show of 2014 (after the first dance – Moon River, DJ’d).

They were a great crowd – very festive and enthusiastic.  It was black tie – with bridesmaids in black dresses (looking splendid)… and after the meal, Vicki herself changes into a black dress – which is a first for this band!  She looked stunning dancing with James – a perfect couple.

Throughout the night, the crowd danced – and come midnight, Jason sang Auld Lang Syne, along with the band… and the guests sang out loud… then indoor glitter, firework banger things exploded, and the entire room sparkled and shone!  Everyone sipped champagne, then the band played on!

Last song was at 12.20, and the guest boarded the coach in the car park.  It was a wonderful wedding to be part of – the perfect wedding to end 2014 on.  Happy New year – thanks for looking after us – have a wonderful honeymoon!


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