Vertikal Days is a trade event organised by Cranes and Access Magazine, at Haydock Park. It’s quite a trek for the band, so we decided to stay at the Holiday Inn in Stoke… Which happens to have jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool etc. Naturally, we called a pre gig meeting, in the sauna ( see Mr Big meeting in The Blues Brothers)… and continued into the jacuzzi… It’s a hard life.

The gig itself was great fun. After some rather splendid food (we all unbuckled our belts one notch) we hit the stage. Naturally a selection of Irish tracks ( there are a few Irish in the construction trade, we were reliably told), with a good selection of party tracks. We broke midway to allow the charity auction to take place, then carried on until midnight, ending on a 500 miles / Irish Rover remix.
Thanks loads to the Vertikal Days staff – as always a pleasure… and it’s great to see the event going from strength to strength!!!

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