The Rollercoaster Cocktail Duo took the helm at the drinks reception, and the rest of the band arrived a few hours later… to glorious sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and a lovely looking marquee – which was attached onto the side of the barn.  We setup, then after DJing the first dance (Mumford and Sons – Hopeless Wanderer) we pushed on with the set.  Special mention has to be made for the MC of the day – Mike Sengelow ( ) .  The band are huge fans of Flight Of The Conchords (New Zealand comedy band / tv / radios series)… and it turned out this chap had acted in the radio series… making him a serious legend (and a very nice fellow indeed)!!!

We pushed on with the set, playing to a wonderful crowd, young and old (some marvellous dancing displays up close for the band to enjoy).  They were a great crowd to play to – they simply cut loose and enjoyed themselves… which made it all the more easier for us.

Tiffany and Chris were a lovely couple – thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future!

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