This was a repeat booking for Rollercoaster with Teaching Personnel, so we knew what crowd to expect, and adjusted the set accordingly.  The band were staying on site at the Hotel opposite – unfortunately we didn’t get the Thomas themed rooms with bunk beds – better luck next time 😉

After a tasty BBQ meal, Teaching Personnel had an awards ceremony, after which, everyone went to the bar, and then outside (it was the hottest day of the year).  We dj’d until about 11pm, then went on with the first set.  They were a lively crowd, and it was great to be able to throw in the ‘female’ songs, with Holly on vocals(plus we had Chris Haigh on fiddle, and Alex on keyboards).  After a short break, we pushed on, with the more recent songs definitely hitting the spot.  We played the last tune at 2am, which is when the lights came up… so in all, a great night!

They’re a really nice bunch of people, who definitely like to party hard – and it was a pleasure to be part of that party!

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