The band says:  “Lovely country Surrey venue.  We played here in the summer of 2023, and have happy memories of the gig.  Nice that we can load the band equipment in to the stage area, without having to break the tables down first… which helps with a quick turnaround between meal and band.  We met the owners and they were very nice too!”

The venue says:  “Surrounded by 30 acres of ancient oaks, wildflower meadows, apple orchards and willow trees tumbling into a tranquil pond, Somersbury is a true rural idyll.  The current house is believed to date back to the 16th century and stands on land that was once owned by Henry II in 1154.  It’s amazing to think what this place may have seen.   We’ve spent the last few years working with specialist local craftsmen to restore the buildings to their former glory, and planting thousands of young trees, native hedgerows, and scattered millions of wild flower seeds to help the land flourish.”

Gemma and Bosco