This was a huge marquee in the grounds of a lovely country house… and a great wedding venue – a new one for Rollercoaster to play at – check it out.  The happy couple had seen us at Simone’s sister’s wedding a few years before, and we knew there was going to be a good proportion of Irish to play to at this one.

First dance was Sleepy Eyes by The Wave pictures – played by the band.  This was an obscure first dance – with a lovely sentiment, though no one would have heard of it… it was entirely personal to the bride and groom.  After that, we pushed on with the set.  We had international model Jonty Finn on drums (you would know his face from various ad campaigns)… And he was a pleasure to play without (Jonty used to play with Rollercoaster before Chris joined us).

The crowd excelled at their Irish dancing, of sorts – it was definitely a favorite genre of the night… Though the dance floor seemed to heave equally for the more contemporary tracks.

The fact that the power for the entire marquee blew at 5 minutes to 12 didn’t dampen the spirits – the crowd carried on singing, and the party continued into the night.

This was a great wedding to play, with a fab crowd, and a top marquee venue.  Thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future.

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