15343144519_cf3b018b00_zThis was to be a South African / Irish wedding… basically a coming together of cultures, and we were to provide the musical backdrop!

First dance was How Long Will I Love You (the Ellie Goulding version), followed by White Blank Page (by Mumford and Sons, played by the band).  From then on, we kept the set up beat, and threw in loads of Irish tracks, which worked rather well.

After a break for the buffet, we pushed on, again adding some extra Irish tracks, though keeping the classic Mumford / Kings of Leon, Killers etc tracks in the mix.  The crowd were very appreciative (and highly energetic), and we ended with them wanting more.

Congratulations Shannon and Kierran – have a great time in Thailand in February…. thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future.

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