Yes, Debbie Flint, author, TV Presenter, and mother of the groom for a Rollercoaster wedding, has been singing the praises of the band on her popular QVC blog!  It was a top wedding to play, and great to have this kind of feedback:

And at last it was strike up the band time! The band was a fantastic ensemble called ‘Rollercoaster’ ( (click here to see one of their videos) whom I would highly recommend.

The thing that made it so special – apart from getting the music choices EXACTLY right – was the fiddle player – it added real character to the night and they were so professional and did everything they were expected to do – no fuss, no drama, no problem. 

Plus they played disco music in between sets too.  I’d highly recommend them so do email an enquiry if you have a special event coming up – they are busy but it might be worth booking your date around their availability – they were so brilliant.

In fact, if I … no WHEN I, get married again (#justGotToFindTheManfirst!) I would absolutely book those guys for the party! Here’s a snippet of the action!

Visit Debbies Blog page, and see how the whole happy day unfolded at:  Debbie Flint: Bonus blog – Bradley’s wedding!

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