16908912323_cd770fd0d0_bCongratulations Tom and Roisin.  Bury Court Barn is a favourite venue for Rollercoaster, as are the caterers, Jacuranda.  Tom knew the band from way back when we were performing as Redwood, and when Alistair was running an Open Mic Night at a pub called The Powerhouse in Guildford (don’t look for it, it’s not there any more)…  The first dance was a track Alistair used to perform at the Powerhouse – More Than Words – which brought back memories of those days.

The crowd danced away, and enjoyed the freshly cooked pizza from the mobile pizza oven outside – there was a good flow and variety of folk dancing away.  Come the second set, the crowd took to the dance floor, truly rocking out by the time we hit Sex On Fire.  The finale was 500 Miles (for the Scots), which followed Champagne Supernova (for the northerners… and the rest of the crowd).

They were a great crowd, and a lovely couple to play to.  Tom and Roisin – have a great time in Mexico… thanks for looking after us.

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