….. from the groom…

Just wanted to say an absolutely massive thank you to all of you for the wedding on Friday. You guys were amazing and so many people have been saying how great the band were. You really went above and beyond the call of duty, not having a break and then giving a lift home to 2 of my …. friends!

… and from the bride….

“I just wanted to echo Will’s thanks for Friday night, we had a blast and thought you guys were fantastic. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say so on the night, it all flew by in a real whirlwind!

I must also confess that in preparation for the wedding, our evening entertainment was one of our only disagreements – Will wanted a band, whereas I was favouring a DJ. The compromise was that we would have you guys for half the time, and get you to switch to DJ-ing mid way through. Anyway, it was probably only three or four songs in, and lots of compliments from friends later, that I was eating my words and knew that we wanted you to keep going for the entire night!

So a massive thank you from me for being ace and playing such fun tunes, and I suspect an extra thank you from Will that we got to start married life with me admitting I had been wrong – a rare occurrence indeed!”

Rhiannon and Will, Wedding Reception, Gate Street Barn, April 2014.

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