16859175429_35374a1375_zA trek into the depths of Wales for the Rollercoaster 4 piece – Jason Dickenson joining us on fiddle.  It was a wet and windy day, but that’s never a problem in Wales – the natural beauty shines through… and it was obvious nothing was going to dampen the spirits of this wedding.

First dance was Rule The World, by Take That, played by the band, followed by Marry You by Bruno Mars, also played by the band.  The crowd danced, the band played – and Rod and Rhian looked the perfect couple dancing the night away.  The room looked lovely, and the guests looked great.

It was a pleasure to play – always fun to stay the night… makes it feel like a one night tour (harping back to the good old days when the band – as Redwood – used to spend months on the road, staying in Travel-Lodges up and down the country, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland…)

Thanks for looking after us, have a great honeymoon – congratulations Rhian and Rodri!


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