It is rare to see Rollercoaster playing a public gig – as we are always playing weddings or corporate functions. One option that occasionally pops up is when we play a set as Redwood (who are Rollercoaster plus another guitarist, without the fiddle, playing original songs). This opportunity will present itself on 25th Feb 2012 at Surrey University Students Union…

The gig came about as a ‘memorial’ for long time sound engineer to the band Redwood, Derek Rowell, who sadly died in the summer of 2011, aged just 38. Redwood , will be playing the set acoustically. All proceeds for the night will be go to The Orpheus Centre.

The gig will take place in the main Students Union of Surrey University, so if you wish to be put on the paying guest list, please email the band – , with names (including address and telephone number – a requirement of the Students Union).

It’ll be hard to beat the sound that Derek used to get, but it’ll be a great event to remember him by.  Other bands on the night TBA.

UPDATE  5 Dec 2011:  Due to a possible booking on 25th Feb, Rollercoaster may not be able to play this event….

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