24175182649_33f0232b90_bThis was a return visit to the Playboy club for the band.  Last time was a wonderful evening on St Patricks, when we wowed the crowds, who danced and sang (in between heading upstairs to the casino to try their luck on the tables).  this time, we were playing in the larger ‘Baroque Bar’, on the in house stage.  We were to play through the night, taking breaks to allow various dance acts etc to perform.  It was to be a top new years Party.  And it certainly was!

We played to the guests who were divided between the bar next door, and the casino upstairs.  As the night went on, the venue filled up.  We got to sample the delicious canopes.. they were mouth wavering!  In the final hour, the party was in full swing, and for the final 10 minutes after the end of the final set (before midnight), a ‘Jessica Rabbit’ style cabaret act took to the stage and sang in the new year.

It was a top night – as always, the staff were welcoming, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was electric.  Hopefully see you guys soon!

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