Congratulations Melanie and Colin!
The usual procedure at Great Fosters, is to arrive and unpack to the corridor outside the main hall, and setup the gear. This we did, and when the speeches were over, we moved the gear through (fitting in some very tasty lamb, veg. and coffees, served to us in The Painted Room – thanks to David and all the staff!)
We started off with a Ceilidh section, where Jason (fiddle) handled the calling duties, and we played along to a fiddle sequence (which we had recorded previously). The dances we played were Gay Gordons,¬†Dashing White Sargeant and Blackthorn Stick. It’s always great watching the crowd get into the music, and the occasional guest go entirely the wrong way (which Jason is always quick to pick up on and correct).
After the Ceilidh, which lasted about 45minutes, we pushed on with the set (first dance was Make You Feel My Love, though not the Adele version). The crowd were fantastic, and danced all evening (even during the break for hog roast). Special note goes to the LED dance floor, which looked odd to start with, but totally works, giving a really nice uplight to the guest – definitely to be recommended, when budget allows!

Thanks for looking after us – great venue, great team, great guest, and a very happy couple – have a lovely time on your honeymoon!!)

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