16678972660_23acb19972_bCongratulations Max and Kate.  We had met these guys previously at the Gate Street Barn Open Day.  The Ceilidh was booked in, so we had Jason on fiddle (who was sporting a very fine kilt).  Tandem did a fine job catering as per usual, and the Gate Street staff were friendly and helpful as ever.  After the cutting of the cake, it was over to us, and the party began.

Rob and Jason warm up for the Ceilidh

First dance played by the band, One Day Like This, followed by the Ceilidh section – Strip the Willow, Gay Gordons and Dashing White Sargent.  The guests whirled away to the different dances, after which the band launched into the pop-rock’n’party section of the night.

It was a very fine evening, and it was a  great crowd to play to.  Naturally, we ended with 500 miles – which seemed appropriate with all the kilts in the room!

Kate and Max were a lovely couple to watch on the dance floor – have a lovely time in New Zealand.  Thanks for looking after us!

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