A return visit for Rollercoaster – as last time we were playing a wedding at the same house, for one of the birthday boys (Take That – Rule The World had been the first dance!)  As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by the birthday ‘party’ folk, setting the vibe for a great evening.  The custom made stage looked fabulous, and as the hog roast sizzled outside, we were finishing our soundcheck.

The guests arrive, drinks were served, speeches were made, food was eaten… then the band started playing.  And it was a great crowd to play to.  They didn’t stop, and come the second set, they were in full swing, dancing and singing to all the classics.

Happy birthday to the twins, Mat and James – and yes we’ll happily come back in 10 years time for the big ‘five-O’… thanks for looking after us and making us feel so welcome!

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