Back to the lovely Gate Street Barn.  This time, catering duties were in the very competent hands of Rhubarb (can’t remember the full company name)… and photography by the very fine CaptureIt.

First dance was Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol, played by the band – great song, full of hooks, and beautiful lyrics.

The crowd were perfect, dancing away continuously – it’s always a good sign when in the break, the barman remarks on how quite it’s been in the Peasantry (which is where the bar is).

We carried on, playing all the irish tunes (Chris Haigh did a great job on fiddle), with the Mumford songs going down a storm.  We didn’t want to end, but come 11.45, the lights came up, and we said our goodbyes!

Congratulations to Lu and Neil – good luck in the future!

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