14207192249_0431fffbf2_bCongratulations Louise and James. This was a return visit to St Jospehs Parish Centre for Rollercoaster, though the first was a few years ago.  This time, as before, we had a lively crowd, from the very beginning, up for a party.  First dance was Amazed by Lonestar – played by the band.  We continued, breaking for the buffet, and some very high standard Irish dancers.  The second set took off, and after the last song (Irish Rover), the crowd were shouting out for more – though unfortunately we couldn’t do this as it was past curfew!

They were a very fun crowd to play to – very receptive – and it’s always good to play a show with top fiddler Jason Dickenson.

Best of luck in the future – hope the honeymoon in Rhodes is perfect, and thanks for looking after us on such a very special day!

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