“What makes Loseley Park perfect for the perfect wedding?

Partly it’s the surroundings. They, after all, are the backdrop to an exceptional day. But more than that it’s the fact that we think you should be free to plan precisely the wedding you want and deserve – that our plans should fit with yours, not the other way around. So we don’t, for instance, hold more than one wedding a day – just so you can believe Loseley is yours, and yours alone, to enjoy.

We plan in meticulous detail, for we know how much planning and care a wedding takes. Our staff will assist you in that planning and will be there on the day – just to make certain every last detail, every nuance is exactly as we promised it would be.

So no matter if it’s a small civil ceremony, or a reception for over one hundred, our attitude never changes – that you are our guests at Loseley, our most important guests, and our duty is to make your day as memorable and as perfect as it possibly can be.” – Weddings at Loseley – Loseley Park

OK, it can’t be ignored, that this was the venue where a key wedding guest was Margot Robbie (look through the photos – you ‘ll see her).  And at the time, it couldn’t be ignored that singer Al didn’t have a clue who Margot Robbie was.  Still, she was super nice, as were the bride and groom.  Awesome wedding either way 🙂