The last time Rollercoaster were up here, it was playing in Hampton Court Palace.  This time, we were in a marquee in the park opposite, across the river.  When we arrived, it was obvious how much thought had gone into the wedding.  The marquee had open sides looking out to the river, with smaller tents around, cushions, chairs… And all festival things.  Which was the vibe these guys were going for!  The guests had wrist bands, there was a van serving ice creams, there was a whiskey bar… And Rollercoaster serving up the tunes…

There was no first dance, at the request of Lauren and David, so we simply started the set and continued.  The guests danced, drank, sang, played with drones outside, enjoyed the summer heat… Then danced some more.  As we took to the stage for the second set, the bugs and mosquitoes headed over to where the band were (or rather the lights)… Which could explain why every now and then we would swipe away at our faces and necks.  Still we knocked out the tunes – adding in Galway Girl towards the end at the request of a guest… End on 500 Miles, which pleased the chap in a kilt!

Lovely crowd, great couple – thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future.

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