7439960774_25a33d520b_kCongratulations Laura and Colin.  these guys had gone for the complete package… that is, The Rollercoaster Cocktail Duo (fiddle and guitar) during the drinks reception, Ceilidh at the start of the evening, then the band through to 10.30 (due to licensing issues), and the DJ through till 12.  To quote the father of the bride, remarking on the cocktail duo – “GREAT! You guys sound like Django & Grappelli”… which is about as good as it gets, where praise for the “gypsy jazz with a swing” style of music goes.

The crowd gave all for the Ceilidh, with Jason expertly handling the calling duties… and what would you expect from the recent star of Made In Chelsea!!!

On to the band set – they gave all, as we packed the songs into the remaining 1.5 hours, ending on a rousing 500 miles… powering straight into the disco set, comprising mainly of songs chosen by the bride and groom.

Special note goes to the sound system, which was a ‘sound array’ (a link for the company who provided it will follow shortly… when I find it).  This comprises of 100’s of speakers pointing down, above the dance floor.  With clever placement etc, the sound on the dance floor is very load, where as the level in the seated area is very quite… you really have to experience it.  the band bypasses their own PA, and goes direct into the sound array.  Needless to say, we were all very impressed with it… and would highly recommend it to any other venues who have sound issues (that is, problematic neighbours).

Thanks for looking after us, have a great honeymoon.

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