Kempton Park has to be one of the bands favorite shows.  We get to play the choice Irish tunes plus the popular party classics… to a festival crowd.

This year didn’t disappoint, with the weather holding out for a perfect evening. The show looked great from off stage, with a fantastic light show – as the photos will show… We weren’t able to sound check earlier, so on stage we were battling a few behind-the-scenes demons – hopefully not that the crowd would have known.  We pushed on and the crowd sang and danced.  It was only a 1 hour set, so we crammed all the favorites in, and before we knew it we were on the final song… which happened to be Fields Of Athenry (quite relevant considering the London-Irish involvement with the show).

This was one of the best Kempton shows yet… and it’s always a pleasure to play.  Hopefully we’ll be playing some more of the racecourse shows in the future – and if we do, be sure to pop along!

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