Congratulations Katherine and Tim!
Rollercoaster returned to Cain Manor, prepared for the sensitive sound limiter…. this time with an electronic drum kit (if you’ve listened to any of the recordings on this site – or indeed the First Dance Album, you will have listened to pretty well the same drums, as this is what we used).  After very tasty food in a cosy lounge area, with a warm fire, we loaded in, out of the snowy cold, to the performance area.  This was under the balcony – ample room, nice vibe.  We were playing through the in house PA system, so not what we were used to (especially with the electric kit), but it came together nicely.  First dance was Your Song – Elton John, played by the band… great song, lovely sentiment, and always a favourite.  Curfew was at 11.30, so we wound things up 10 minutes before, giving the guests a chance to dance to the disco, albeit briefly.

They were a really good crowd, very enthusiastic at the end as well!

Thanks for looking after us –  have a lovely time on your honeymoon in Thailand!!)

More photos to be added from our multi-tasking drummer Chris!

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