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Congratulations Inny and Andy.  Great first dance, played by the band – Ho Hey by The Lumineer (pretty sure some of the guests were joining in with the Ho-Heys).  The week previous we had been playing this to thousands of drunken revellers at Cheltenham Festival, so the song was well tested!  Other new tracks included Lightning Bolt, and I Will Wait for You…  A great crowd made this a pleasurable gig, and they kept us going right through to lights up.  It’s a lovely location as well, though with the unseasonable weather, the river outside was full to bursting (though I’m pretty sure it would never reach the venue.)

Inny and Andy are a lovely couple, who will now be of on a 6 month honeymoon… scuba diving, climbing, jumping off cliffs etc.  They were a joy to play too – thanks for having us, best of luck in the future!

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