The band has known Gareth in his professional capacity, in his time as ‘front of house’ man at Loseley Park.  And he was one of the best venue managers we had the pleasure to work with.  It was therefore an honour to be chosen to play his wedding – as it alway is when industry folk single out Rollercoaster as THE go to band for their events.  We had played Clock Bart Hall a few times before, as it is a local to the band (Alistair used to live in Hambledon, so saw it before it became a popular wedding venue).

We set up in a room next to the main dining area, and when time came to play, we pushed on with the DJ’d first dance – ‘Your My Best Friend’.  The vibe was great – we were after all playing to a large percentage of guests who knew the band from playing at Loseley.  The night went on, pasties were served (all the way form Cornwall), people drank, sang and danced.

Great wedding, thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future.

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