We have played Wotton House before a few times, and it was lovely to return here for Emmett and Nadia’s wedding reception.  from the start, this wedding could be a challenge, as Emmett’s family has an Irish background, and Nadia’s is Iraqi.  It turned out that we had nothing to worry about – they all danced to everything… from the traditional DJ’d Chobi tunes (Iraq) to the Ceilidh tracks (with Jason handling calling duties)… and meeting in the middle with songs like I’ve Got A Feeling.  First dance was All Of Me (DJ’d), followed by a short Ceilidh… and then the standard set.

It was a fun night – culturally diverse, with a wonderful range of music.  The guests danced and sang… at times with Emmet and Nadia in the centre of the circle, looking perfect.

Thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

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