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Congratulations Diana and Andrew.  These guys, as you can tell from the photos, were obviously artistic – as I learnt, they were both graphic designers!  The bridesmaids dresses were very original, fun and refreshingly colourful!  they were constructed from the same materials as the separate bunting sections… so there was great variety, but a common theme.  There were small features throughout the venue, which were crafted and styled – basically it looked cool.  It was a summer fete theme, and totally worked (the ‘cake stand’ looked fantastic).  An absolute success in planning and originality!

We were expecting to have an empty venue at for the first half of the evening, but we actually had people dancing from the word go (it was a glorious summer evening outside, with a real ice cream cart on the lawn).

This was the perfect end to a run of four weddings for the  band – the crowd were very welcoming and danced the night away!

Have a great time watching the Olympics!  Thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future!

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