19751901409_1d8c9b0701_bFor car lovers, this is THE venue, THE home of motoring, a classic location, set within the museum, which resides within the original Brooklands race track… next tot the much younger, but still as impressive, Mercedes World.  Denise and Carlo had found the band via Google, which led them from the website, to a couple of gigs at the Star Pub in Guildford… and on to securing Rollercoaster for their wedding reception.

It was a beautiful June day, hot and summery.  We arrived as photos were being taken with various classic cars… and guests were performing for the pre-arranged ‘Mary-oke’, where throughout the day, folk mime to the Grease Megamix, which is then edited into a promo video… which looked great fun.

First dance was One Day Like This, and the happy couple danced away to a set routine, much to the delight of the guests.  We then pushed on, briefly to break for a final shoot of ‘Maryoke’ Grease Megamix.  It was hot, but we still had people on the dance floor… though it really took off in the second set – inflatable guitars and all.  By midnight, they were crying out for more, but it was past curfew, so reluctantly we left the stage.

Many thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

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