It was a cold night in the country a couple of hours West of London, inside a rather posh members’ only club where I was in the midst of coordinating a wedding party that was well into it’s 2nd day of revelry. The wedding party and guests had finished a Thanksgiving feast and had been ushered into any number of libraries and billiard rooms for cocktails and to await surprises yet to come when I was told the “band” had turned up and was wondering if they could start setting up. As everything was planned to the minute, the timing was perfect, the dining room cleared and the band commenced to set up. A short time later, after wedding fireworks had lit up the surrounding fields, Rollercoaster commenced to tear the roof off this rather chic country house. The energy and passion they shared with the guests was nothing short of perfect and the fireworks that had rained down from the sky were now pouring out from the band. And had we been able to have them play all night we surely would have. Bravo Rollercoaster!

David Pressman, , Wedding Co-Ordinator for the Heather Banta and Neal Callow Wedding, Babington House. November 2010.