28659161135_8d90db356f_kBury Court is fast becoming the regular venue for Rollercoaster to play… which is great, as we know the setup.  The caterers, staff, and owners are all a top team,  and it’s a fluid professional operation, and wonderful to be part of it… and to be the primary recommended band for this venue.

First dance was Ho Hey, which is always a great track.  Vicky looked stunning – we had met these guys before at a wedding open day at Bury Court – and the couple looked lovely ‘dancing away, to the Ho and the Hey’!  We had a very fine group of women who danced the night away, keeping the dance floor busy (they turned out to be teachers from the same primary school).  This always helps, as it give the band something to play against.

As always, by the end, the dance floor was packed, and the couple danced away at the heart of it.

Thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future!

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