14911073438_6eab5c82f9_kCongratulations to Claire and Tom!  Bury Court is one of the bands favourite venues, matched with favourite photographer Guy Collier, and fave caterers Jacuranda… so this night had all the right ingredients.  The happy couple had first seen the band at Ben and Beth’s wedding at Loseley Park, the previous year, so they knew what to expect.  First dance was Lucky, by Jason Mraz, played by Rollercoaster.  Joining us on fiddle was Jason Dickenson, who as always, wowed the crowd with his prowess, and fine dancing.

We kept the set upbeat, though threw in a couple of more down demo songs, which allowed Claire to dance with her kilted father!  After a short break, we pushed on with the second set, and dance floor hotted up as we moved on into the night.  The highlight had to be the final song, which at the request of Tom and Claire, was Lion Man by Mumford and Sons… a song which we certainly do a good job playing – helped by the massively enthusiastic crowd.

It was a fantastic gig, which left everyone smiling, including the band!

Thanks for looking after us, best of luck to Claire and Tom in the future.

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