10065230984_50816c8e18_bCongratulations Claire and Colin.

This was one of the more bizarre load ins for Rollercoaster.  The wedding reception was on an island in the middle of the Thames, so we had to call ahead, and the boat / ferry would take us to our destination!  Lovely food and hospitality for from the staff, and in a stunning location.  The reception was in a marquee (which is usually the best sound for a live band).  First dance was Don’t Stop Me Now (the recording), and when the crowd hit the dance floor, we could tell this was going to be a good’n.  People danced, drank, sang, ate, and danced some more.  Mumford and Sons songs went down splendidly.  Final song the band played (at the required 11pm) was Don’t Stop Me Now (live this time – not the recording), and from then on we DJ’d through until 12.

They were a great crowd – really receptive, and welcoming to play to… and there was some top dancing.  A highlight had to be seeing the bride aloft, crowd surfing to the Dirty Dancing track.

Thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future, have a great time in The Lakes / New Zealand!


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