This was to be a very special wedding.  We had played two other family member’s weddings connected to this wedding, within the past year, so we would certainly recognise a few friendly faces.  The surroundings were beautiful, and having arrived for an early setup, we checked out the local pub on the beach… bliss!

Back at the marquee, the events rolled on, and later, we hit the stage (first dance was DJ’d Love Is In The Air).  Half way through we played a short ceilidh section, then carried on knocking out the tunes. Final song was One Day Like this – an absolute highlight for the band… they were an incredibly responsive crowd – an absolute pleasure to play.

After the band, the Dj hit the stage… and I don’t mean your average wedding Dj!  This guys totally got the crowd going, playing all the right tunes, in total style (he knew what he was doing).

Chris was very particular with the details for his and Sarah’s wedding, but with good reason – this was a winner, and it’s great to see a room erupt as if it were dancing to a headline act at a festival.

It was lovely to see the brides and grooms of past, and to see in the bride and groom of the day!  Thanks for making us feel so welcome – best of luck in the future!

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