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Nicky’s 40th Birthday Party, Mardyke Valley Golf Club, Ockendon, Essex.

Happy Birthday Nicky .   We played Nicky and Anthony's wedding 5 years ago - and now we were returning at a different venue, to celebrate then then-bride's 40th birthday.  This was our first visit to this venue, and we were to be the first band they had ever had performing in the space.  There was nothing to worry about though, as the guests seemed up for a party, and with the erstwhile Chris Haigh on fiddling duties, we pushed forward.  We moved through the musical genres from slow dancing, to sixties rock'n'roll, then moved on into the more recent......

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50th Birthday Party for Adrian, Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant, Retford.

[flickr float=”left” ]http://www.flickr.com/photos/8080573@N03/8653316526[/flickr] Happy Birthday Adrian! A trip up north for Rollercoaster to Retford (near Sheffield) in Nottinghamshire.  Ye Old Bell Hotel has some lovely features, with friendly staff, and generally a nice feel to the place.  The room we played in had a stage set back from the dance floor, next to an open...

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21st Birdthday Celebration for AnneMarie at St Martha’s Cathiolic School for Girls, Barnet

[flickr float=”left” ]http://www.flickr.com/photos/8080573@N03/6787038452/[/flickr] Happy Birthday AnneMarie! The venue was St Martha’s Catholic School for Girls.  They had done a fantastic job decorating it, so it had the real barn dance feel (complete with hay bales, bucking bronco, etc.)  The guests were dressed in various Hoe-Down outfits, though this included a few pigs, a Dangermouse outfit,...

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Dan and Joe’s 30th and 25th Birthday Party, Chingford Rugby Club.

[flickr size=”large” ]http://www.flickr.com/photos/8080573@N03/6343720504/[/flickr] Happy Birthday Dan (30) and Joe (25)!  Rollercoaster headed into the depths of Chingford to play a surprise birthday party for these chaps.  Dan is the manager of the Rugby Club building, so it wasn’t a complete surprise for him.  Thanks Ami (Dan’s other half) for looking after us etc.  Lovely hog...

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