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Congratulations Becca and Chris.  Rollercoaster have played Brocket Hall a few times before – fantastic venue, great sound, beautiful surroundings.  The crowd were welcoming, energetic, and totally up for a party.  First dance was Garden Rules by Snow Patrol – a lovely song, with heart warming lyrics… a great choice (actually quite a challenge to learn, but we reckon we did a good job with it!).

Fireworks and buffet preceded the second set, which we played through until past midnight.  Again, we could have a carried on… in fact we did, with Champagne Supernova.

We had a great time, and the guests definitely themselves.  Becca and Chris will be off to Florida (Disneyland!!!) in a while.  Have a great time.  Thanks for looking after us, best of luck on the rollercoasters!!

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