15852837707_a627ea6ee6_kCongratulations Adam and Vicky.  A trip out to Cambridge for the band, to a venue you we’d never played at before.  It was dark when we arrived, but it looked beautiful, with full fairy light decoration on the trees running up the drive to the venue.  The staff were incredibly helpful and courteous  – and the bacon baps and chips were splendid!

We setup, soundchecked, then the guests came back into the venue.  After the cutting of the cake, we launched into the first dance – Gravity, by Embrace, played by the band.

Great crowd to play to – doctors and nurses, with a fireman and a policeman thrown in for good measure (plus others), so we were told.  The nurses injected and extra dose of energy at the end, which was nice!

Thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

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