Laura and Dave’s Big 40th Birthday Bash, Marquee, West Horsley, July 2017

This was a lovely looking marquee, in a the family garden, and with it being a joint 40th birthday, was set to be a great event.  Laura and Dave, and family, were super welcoming, as we setup, and as we finished our sound check, the evening guests arrived.

We played all the classics – we’re doing quite a few 40th birthdays, so the music moves along similar lines.  Jason fiddled on his fiddle, Holly sang and swayed, and the rest of us simply did  what we do… and the crowd danced the night away.  Before we knew it, it was midnight, and the music had to stop.

They were a great crowd – and a lovely family to play to (very cool little dogs in our ‘green room’).  thanks for looking after us, and happy birthday Laura and Dave!

Lexie and Jamie, Wedding Reception, Loseley Park, July 2017

Great to visit Loseley Park again – such a beautiful venue, with lovely grounds.  Jamie and Lexie were the young bride and groom whom we had the honour to play to, with the first dance as Your Song (played by the band).  We pushed on, throwing in a Gay Gordons for the Scottish contingent at the halfway point.  Cocktails were flowing – we could see them being brought out as we played – and the guests were up and dancing, despite it being one of the hottest evenings this year.

Great crowd – best of luck to Lexie and Jamie in the future – thanks for looking after us!

James and Vita, Wedding Reception, Farnham Castle, June 2017

Beautiful wedding in a beautiful venue – Farnham castle.  the food was amazing, so we knew we would be playing to some happy contented guests.

Sure enough, from the first dance, they were on the dance floor, ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Yes, they were a great crowd – perfect to play to.

James and Vita are a lovely couple – a pleasure to play for – thanks for looking after us!

Sarah and Mark, Wedding Reception, Marquee, Send, Wiltshire, June 2017

Back to a marquee wedding, which is great to play, as the sound is second to none.  Sarah and Mark had seen us at a previous wedding (Katie and Dan), so they knew what to expect.  First dance was played by the band, with Chris Hughes doing his awesome Van Morrison impression – Somone Like You.  We had the very wonderful Tim Pearne on keyboards, which sounded great.  The night pushed on, the guests danced away, breaking to enjoy the fireworks.  Brilliant crowd – lovely to have Sarah come up and join us to sing Son Of A Preacher.

Thank you so much for looking after us – and thanks for the gifts of quality wine at the end – to was much appreciated.  Best of luck to Sarah and Mark in the future – i’m sure we’ll be seeing them soon at another wedding 🙂

Robert and Mikaela, Wedding Reception, Gate Street Barn, Surrey, June 2017

Great to visit Gate Street Barn again.  This time for Rob and Mikaela who had asked the band to play their first dance – Greatest Day by Take That.  With such a great beginning, the night pushed on in full swing, even as we battled against the warm weather, drawing folk outside (and the toasting giant marshmallows).

Lovely crowd, thanks for looking after us!

Fiona and Tim, Lurgashall Village Hall, West Sussex, June 2017

Tim and Fiona were married last year, so this was the big party to follow.  Out in the quiet village of Lurgashall, we unloaded our gear into the village hall and setup on the stage, behind the curtain.  The food was mini tortillas – Tim’s business is catering, providing this blend of street food for corporate events… so it was a wonderful treat.

First dance was DJ – ‘La Cienega Just Smiled’ by Ryan Adams … going into the band – ‘Let’s Have a Party’ by Wanda Jackson.  And the guests partied on.

It was an absolute pleasure to play to this crowd – congratulations to Tim and Fiona – many thanks for looking after us!

Cath and Rob, Wedding Reception, Farnham Castle, June 2017

Lovely venue – great view across Farnham.  We have played here quite a few times before, so knew the drill.  First dance was ‘Pride’ by Amy Macdonald – and they the band played. Great to see past bride and groom Katie and Tim in the crowd… and lovely to see all ages dancing.

Lovely wedding, friendly guests – thanks Cath and Rob for looking after us!

Lauren & James, Wedding Reception, Theobolds Park, Waltham Cross June 2017

This booking came about after we played Nikki and Ian’s wedding in 2016 at Loseley (look for pictures of Margot Robbie on our site, and that’s the one!)  The parents saw us play, which led to the bride and groom coming along to see the band at Kempton Park… which in turn led to confirmation of the gig… and Theobalds Park, one night in June!

The venue itself looks out onto a lovely courtyard, which is enclosed by rooms that the wedding guests book – so not far back after the reception for these folk.  We setup early, and chilled in the main hotel – then enjoyed the very fine food… De Verre venues have got this nailed – perfect pizzas, chicken curry, burgers…

Fast forward a few hours, and we were playing the first dance – Sade ‘By Your Side’ – which was DJ’d.  From then we pushed on with the set – and the crowd were fantastic.  We had Holly AND Jason on fiddle, so we could through in all the songs, whilst layering on the harmonies – this really is a great format to play with.

Second half, we threw in even more Irish tunes, and the crowd danced away.

This was a superb wedding to play – great to see last years bride and groom Nikki and Ian.  Lauren and James were a fun couple, and it was a pleasure to play for them.  Thanks for looking after us, and best of luck in the future.