Lexie and Jamie, Wedding Reception, Loseley Park, July 2017

Great to visit Loseley Park again – such a beautiful venue, with lovely grounds.  Jamie and Lexie were the young bride and groom whom we had the honour to play to, with the first dance as Your Song (played by the band).  We pushed on, throwing in a Gay Gordons for the Scottish contingent at the halfway point.  Cocktails were flowing – we could see them being brought out as we played – and the guests were up and dancing, despite it being one of the hottest evenings this year.

Great crowd – best of luck to Lexie and Jamie in the future – thanks for looking after us!

James and Vita, Wedding Reception, Farnham Castle, June 2017

Beautiful wedding in a beautiful venue – Farnham castle.  the food was amazing, so we knew we would be playing to some happy contented guests.

Sure enough, from the first dance, they were on the dance floor, ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Yes, they were a great crowd – perfect to play to.

James and Vita are a lovely couple – a pleasure to play for – thanks for looking after us!

Sarah and Mark, Wedding Reception, Marquee, Send, Wiltshire, June 2017

Back to a marquee wedding, which is great to play, as the sound is second to none.  Sarah and Mark had seen us at a previous wedding (Katie and Dan), so they knew what to expect.  First dance was played by the band, with Chris Hughes doing his awesome Van Morrison impression – Somone Like You.  We had the very wonderful Tim Pearne on keyboards, which sounded great.  The night pushed on, the guests danced away, breaking to enjoy the fireworks.  Brilliant crowd – lovely to have Sarah come up and join us to sing Son Of A Preacher.

Thank you so much for looking after us – and thanks for the gifts of quality wine at the end – to was much appreciated.  Best of luck to Sarah and Mark in the future – i’m sure we’ll be seeing them soon at another wedding 🙂

Elizabeth’s 70th Birthday Party, Oxford Thames Hotel, Oxford, June 2017

A short trek to Oxford, and a setup in a separate room from where the guests were…this was a full 7 piece gig, with the mighty Tim joining us on keyboards, plus Chris Haigh and Jason on fiddle, with female vocals form Holly… plus the usual core 3piece – Rob, Chris and Al.  The event was the 70th Birthday celebration of Elizabeth – we had be co-ordinating with her lovely daughters Alice and Katherine, as well as her husband Roderick.  It was an all age occasion, which is no problem with the band, as we cover all genres, and dropper songs in and out to suit who is on the dance floor.

They were a great crowd to play to – dancing all night, and with real enthusiasm… there was a real warmth (as well as the approaching heatwave weather outside).  Highlight was when they managed to conga in and out of both rooms, pulling even more folk on to the dance floor.

It was a pleasure to play – thanks for looking after us, and happy birthday Elizabeth!

BNI Business Networking Group, Corporate Function, Moor Park Golf Club, Rickmansworth, Jun 2017

This was an event at the rather beautiful main building at Moor Park Golf Club – where we have actually played a few times before.  The company was the BNI Networking group, co-ordinated by Imagine Group (property services)… though I only realised this at the end of the show, after using the ‘Imagine Group’ name for the whole gig (not that anyone had corrected me).

After a large hog roast buffet, and a short introduction speech, we pushed on with the set.  In theory, it would have been a tougher crowd to play to, as people were there to ‘network’, and didn’t necessarily know each other.  However, we got them dancing, and by the end, they were bouncing away to I’ve Got A Feeling’, and stomping’ the floor to 500 Miles.

Great crowd to play to – hopefully we’ll see you again… best of luck in all your futures!

Robert and Mikaela, Wedding Reception, Gate Street Barn, Surrey, June 2017

Great to visit Gate Street Barn again.  This time for Rob and Mikaela who had asked the band to play their first dance – Greatest Day by Take That.  With such a great beginning, the night pushed on in full swing, even as we battled against the warm weather, drawing folk outside (and the toasting giant marshmallows).

Lovely crowd, thanks for looking after us!

Fiona and Tim, Lurgashall Village Hall, West Sussex, June 2017

Tim and Fiona were married last year, so this was the big party to follow.  Out in the quiet village of Lurgashall, we unloaded our gear into the village hall and setup on the stage, behind the curtain.  The food was mini tortillas – Tim’s business is catering, providing this blend of street food for corporate events… so it was a wonderful treat.

First dance was DJ – ‘La Cienega Just Smiled’ by Ryan Adams … going into the band – ‘Let’s Have a Party’ by Wanda Jackson.  And the guests partied on.

It was an absolute pleasure to play to this crowd – congratulations to Tim and Fiona – many thanks for looking after us!

Cath and Rob, Wedding Reception, Farnham Castle, June 2017

Lovely venue – great view across Farnham.  We have played here quite a few times before, so knew the drill.  First dance was ‘Pride’ by Amy Macdonald – and they the band played. Great to see past bride and groom Katie and Tim in the crowd… and lovely to see all ages dancing.

Lovely wedding, friendly guests – thanks Cath and Rob for looking after us!