Laura and Dave’s Big 40th Birthday Bash, Marquee, West Horsley, July 2017

What an awesome night! We had such a great party and you guys were instrumental in making it so. Everyone loved your music and commented on how brilliant your performance was, including some ‘neighbours’ several roads away!! We’d said to our near neighbours that they were welcome to enjoy the music in their gardens and we ended up having 1 who came over and commented that he had to come to see you guys in person because he was enjoying the tunes so much! Can’t say fairer than that.
Laura and Dave’s Big 40th Birthday Bash, Marquee, West Horsley, July 2017

Lauren & James, Wedding Reception, Theobolds Park, Waltham Cross June 2017

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your great performance at our wedding. It wouldnt have been the celebration it was without you and your amazing band members. All of our guests have said what a brilliant time they had and would recommend you to other people for future parties and events.
We feel sad that it is all over but will keep an eye out at places you’re performing at in the future.

Lauren & James, Wedding Reception, Theobolds Park, Waltham Cross June 2017

Vicki and Dan, Wedding Reception, Ramster, August 2017

We just wanted to say thank you SO much for playing at our wedding on Saturday.  You guys were awesome and everybody has been commenting on how great you were! Thank you so much for answering all of our questions in the lead up, particularly in relation to first dance/last dance stuff! And thank you for being so flexible when our speech/end of dinner timings went awry! You were so great eith the first dance and the archway at the end too so thank you!  We had so much fun and you guys kept the dancefloor full throughout!
Many thanks again for making the evening so much fun!
Vicki and Dan, Wedding Reception, Ramster, August 2017

Carl and Laura, Harleyford Golf Club, Marlow, July 2017

This was our first visit to Harleyford Gold Club, though a most pleasant one it was!  First dance was ‘Your My Best Friend’, by Queen, played by the band.  We had Holly singing the girl songs for the evening, so harmonies were in full flow, as was the quality ale form the Harleyford bar.

A break for bacon baps, served by the friendly catering staff, the we pushed on into the night – finishing with a couple of specially requested DJ tunes.  Band happy, venue happy, and most importantly, bride and groom very happy – which made for a great night!

Thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future!

David and Tamara, Wedding Reception, Gate Street Barn, July 2017

We have the perfect setup for Gate Street Barn, and this wedding was no exception.  Rob wowed the guests with his skilled guitar playing during the ceremony, then later he was back with the band playing the first dance, Too Good To Be True.  The crowds danced, came in and avoided the rain, danced some more, and sang quite a lot!  David and Tamara were a lovely couple, with a great bunch of friends who made the night what it was!

Thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

Straumann Tour, London, Coventry, Manchester, July 2017

Straumann are a super technological company, providing high end kit to dental surgeons and technicians worldwide.  They came to hear about Rollercoaster via a dental technician called Ben Hill… who happens to sing in top local band The Sausage Monkeys.  These guys rock – and have been friends to the core Rollercoaster folk for the past 15-20 years… so it was great to get the recommendation.  The folk at Straumann booked us to play the 3 major dates around the UK – Sandown Racecourse, Ricoh Stadium (Coventry), and Old Trafford (Manchester).  We would be entertaining important clients up and down the country, and would be fitting in with the tour vibe – an awesome American style truck, lots of blow up guitars… basically a live band on tour.

Rollercoaster – ecstatic to be road testing the Ui24R

First gig was Sandown, where we have actually played a few times before.  The marquee was setup outside the racecourse stand, next to the juggernaut.  The drinks and food were free flowing as were the freebies – hats, inflatable guitars, mini toy lorries etc.  The technology inside the truck seemed to speak for itself – a kind of 3d scanning of teeth, right through to the 3 printing of denture components etc.  The Straumann staff were super friendly and helpful, and were quick to jump onto the dance floor with ‘air-guitars’… which in turn pulled the dental surgeons etc. in to the ‘mosh pit’.

This was pretty well the procedure for all the events.  The Ricoh Arena gig had a more intimate vibe, but come Manchester, the wild guitar antics returned in force.  In the shadow of Old Trafford, we rocked out to the setting sun… and before we knew it, we’d hit curfew.  The highlight had to be when all the guitars were thrown into the air – maybe to Mr Brightside…

Mid show with the Soundcraft Ui24R

This was a super fun tour to be part off, and a great brand to be associated with – after all, what’s better than high tech 3d scanning and printing (not to forgetting the £60,000 guitar on permanent display within the all American Juggernaut).

We could say it stopped there, but the wonderful folk of Straumann booked us to play their End of Summer Party in September… which we were told would be one to remember!

Thanks for looking after us – it was a pleasure to play for such a wonderful bunch of people!  See you in September 🙂

Laura and Dave’s Big 40th Birthday Bash, Marquee, West Horsley, July 2017

This was a lovely looking marquee, in a the family garden, and with it being a joint 40th birthday, was set to be a great event.  Laura and Dave, and family, were super welcoming, as we setup, and as we finished our sound check, the evening guests arrived.

We played all the classics – we’re doing quite a few 40th birthdays, so the music moves along similar lines.  Jason fiddled on his fiddle, Holly sang and swayed, and the rest of us simply did  what we do… and the crowd danced the night away.  Before we knew it, it was midnight, and the music had to stop.

They were a great crowd – and a lovely family to play to (very cool little dogs in our ‘green room’).  thanks for looking after us, and happy birthday Laura and Dave!