Rollercoaster COVID 19 POLICY UPDATE:

So it’s not been the best time to be a professional live band.  With all the restrictions in place, our shows came to an abrupt halt in March 2020.  That said, we are looking to the future.  2021 is proving to be one of the busiest of years, with postponed events being moved, and new events being booked in.

If you are booking wedding or event, then you will most likely be concerned over the situation.  So we would like to give you one less element to worry over.  If we cannot play due to government restrictions, we will put the date back – at no additional fee.  And if we really can’t find a replacement date, we will give a full refund!  And if you are looking at booking the band, we can reserve dates for you, with no commitment on your part – as a TBC – offering you first refusal to book.  Hopefully this makes the whole process a little easier – and less stressful.

For any questions or concerns, call or email – 07958 226863 /  – and speak to Alistair.

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